Flying kite pic

Almost everyone likes to see a kite soar and swoop in the wind. Kites are fun, have a rich history, and can be appealing to the eye.  Although you can purchase a kite, you can show your creativity by making your own.

Kites come in hundreds of shapes and sizes.  Kites are made from paper, cloth, plastic or nylon.  Kites were once only popular in Asian cultures.  It is thought that the Chinese flew the first kites thousands of years ago.

Using the laws of motion, kites fly best when winds are 8- 20mph.  When the wind moves past the kite it causes a force called ‘lift’.  ‘Lift’ makes a kite rise up in the sky.  

During the months of April and May artistry kites can be seen in the sky.  In Japan, every May, one of the largest kites is flown.  It takes 50 people to launch the kite.  The kite is 36 feet wide and 48 feet tall.  It is made out of rice paper.

Forces on a kite pic
Kites flying pic
Did You Know?

“Kite” is the name of a type of bird.
Kites influenced airplane development.
Kite flying became a sport in 1989.