Dogs with Jobs

Photo of a golden retriever service dog in uniform

There is no more loyal companion or devoted friend than a good dog. Dogs are amazing pets, but sometimes they can be trained to do specialized work that humans are unable to do. Some dogs with jobs keep people with disabilities safe, some help people through trauma, some can sniff out bugs or other pests, some help the military and police, some herd and protect sheep and livestock, and some are rescue animals that can save lives.  

A group of five service dogs in uniform
Photo of a black and white dog herding livestock
Did You Know?

Different Jobs for Dogs

  • Service Dogs – These dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities. Guide dogs are very helpful for people who are blind, or who have difficulty moving around.
  • Police Dogs – Also called K-9 dogs, these animals help police officers either by protecting their handlers, chasing criminals, or sniffing out drugs.
  • Military Dogs – These dogs assist members of the military, and can be used as detectors, trackers, sentries, and scouts. They have also been used to find bombs.
  • Detection Dogs – Dogs have a wonderful sense of smell, and detection dogs are used to find all sorts of things. They are able to find illegal drugs, explosives, blood, human remains, or certain types of insects. Some detection dogs even learn to detect cancer!
  • Search and Rescue Dogs – These dogs have very heightened senses of smell and hearing. They can help find people when they are lost, or have been injured in accidents. They are very good trackers.
  • Herding Dogs – These dogs take care of other animals!  Mostly sheep or cows. They get them to move in the right direction, and protect them from predators.