picture of a tiger sitting regally

Tigers are the biggest wild cats in the world! They live in Asia. Bengal tigers live in hot grassy lands. A few Bengal tigers have white fur. Siberian tigers live in cold forests and their thick fur keeps them warm.

What tigers like best is lots of space to roam in…alone! They fight any other tigers that come near. Tigers are predators. They have amazing eyesight; they can see very well in the dark. When tigers spot a deer or an antelope, they crouch low in the grass. Their stripes help them hide. They slowly creep closer, and then they pounce! They have long razor-sharp claws that pop out when they attack.

Tigers are beautiful and majestic animals. Unfortunately, they are now an endangered species and it is estimated that there are only 5,574 tigers remaining in the wild worldwide.

Did You Know?
  • Unlike other cats, tigers like the water. They swim to catch deer, crocodiles, and other prey.
  • Tigers can run up to 35 miles per hour.
  • Each tiger has its own pattern of stripes. The pattern is as unique as a person’s fingerprint.
  • Tigers have the largest canine teeth of all big cats. These teeth can be as long as an adult person’s finger!
  • A tiger’s canines are very strong. They won’t break even when a tiger bites through bone.
  • Male tigers are typically between 9 to 10 feet long, including the tail.
  • Male tigers usually weigh between 400 and 575 pounds! That’s heavy!