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Historical Brochures

Avis Lane
Director of the Euclid Public Library from 1940 until 1966.
Bailey's Department Store
A popular store in downtown Euclid from 1951 to 1969.
Bessie Wells
“You can’t live within four walls and expect to take children very far beyond them.”
Charles F. Brush
Designed and developed an electric arc lighting system.
Dempsey's Corner
Corner of East 222nd Street and Lake Shore Boulevard named after Euclid’s “Downtown Patrolman,” William Dempsey
Euclid City Hall
Dedicated on June 8, 1938 by Mayor Sims and constructed of Euclid bluestone.
Euclid Race Dairy
Supplier of milk, ice cream and other dairy products to the many homes, businesses, and schools in Euclid.
Euclid Veterans Memorial
Memorial dedicated to the Euclid men and women who served in the armed forces.
James F. Lincoln
“Successful management, requires the intelligence of a genius, the patience of a Job, the fighting ability of a Spartan, and the enthusiasm of a nut.”
John Crosier
Early Settler of Euclid Township, 1750 - 1823
Johnny Pecon
A well-known and talented polka musician who helped to popularize polka music.
Kenneth J. Sims
Mayor of Euclid from 1938 - 1971
Mary Mavec Euclid Opportunity School
A special school devoted to educating mentally retarded students.
Sam Nader
Fast-pitch softball player and longtime coach and manager of many Euclid softball teams
Stan Minotas
A founder of Euclid’s baseball leagues, as well as a well-known journalist and advertiser in Euclid.
Verna Bickley
Accomplished Cook and Dietician