Beluga Whales

Beluga whale sticks its head out of the water, and opens its mouth, showing teeth.

Beluga whales are one of the smaller types of whales. Beluga whales live in cold ocean waters in and near the Arctic. They can be found in Alaska, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Beluga whales are protected from the cold by blubber. Blubber is a layer of fat beneath the skin. Belugas eat a lot of food to build a thick blubber layer. Beluga whales are known for their short fins, rounded white body, and large forehead. Beluga whales have a lump on their forehead called the melon. The melon helps belugas make and hear sounds. Beluga whales make lots of noise! Beluga whales use sound to hunt for food. They eat octopus, squid, and fish.

A beluga whale, white in color, against a black background
A beluga whale in an aquarium, opens its mouth, while a boy puts his hand up to the glass
Did You Know?
  • Belugas are the only whales that can move their necks 
  • Beluga babies are called calves 
  • Beluga whales weigh about 1,500 to 2,200 pounds 
  • A newborn beluga is dark gray or brown 
  • Belugas live and swim in groups called pods. About 10 belugas live in a pod.