Photo of a pile of pecans

Pecan, wait . . . How do you even say this word? Some say it like Pee-Can, some like Pee-Khan, and still others say Pa-Khan. But before we get too far into pronunciation, let's talk about what a pecan is. Pecans are nuts that grow on trees. They are related to walnuts. Pecan trees can grow in most of the United States, but they will not bear nuts in areas that stay colder for longer. As for how to pronounce the word . . . There is no real consensus on how to pronounce it. In general, the north pronounces the word as Pee-Can whereas the south pronounces it Pa-Khan. Either way, this delicious nut is soft, slightly sweet, and used in a lot of desserts.

Photo of ripe pecans on a pecan tree
Photo of pecan pie
Did You Know?
  • Pecan trees will begin to bear nuts when they are 6-10 years old. They produce an average of 70-150 pounds of nuts per year.
  • Pecan trees have a lifespan of 300 years or more.
  • Pecans are used for praline candies and pecan pies. These treats are a favorite in the southern United States.
  • If you grow a pecan tree for nuts, you need to be faster than the animals when it is time to harvest. The nuts are favored by squirrels, deer, raccoons, foxes, wild turkeys, wood ducks, crows, blue jays, and several other birds.
  • Pecan is a Native American word from the Algonquin language, which was used to describe "all nuts requiring a stone to crack".
  • Pecans are loaded with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fatty vitamin that makes your brain work. Loading up on pecans can help you with your homework!