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Tuesday, January 9

Denmark (60 minutes)

Hygge up, and join us as we explore the secrets of the world's happiest country. Denmark, a country where no matter where you are, it will seem like you're in a fairy tale. Surrounded by rugged sea coasts and rural countrysides, from Vikings to wind farms - a country where history meets innovation. Discover the secrets and hidden treasures of this beautiful country, and who knows, maybe learn a thing or two about living a bit more Danishly. (60 min)


Tuesday, January 23

Asian American Food (60 minutes)

What exactly does food impart on Asian Pacific American culture? Journey into kitchens, factories, temples, and farms around the country and see how food can mean more than just the next meal. Food can help us honor previous generations, help us adapt to new cultures, help create community, and help redefine "American food" as a whole. 


Tuesday, February 6

Jim Crow and the Great Migration (60 minutes)

The Jim Crow era brought cruel repression to the African American people. But the strategies used to further black empowerment and equality created profound transformations in American society. With a strong sense of identity and pride, black migrants fleeing the South led to a renaissance in art, culture and politics. Join us for a documentary that explains how a great migration flourished, even against unimaginable odds. (60 min)


Tuesday, February 20

Black Power Movement (95 minutes)

The Black Power Movement was a political movement prominent in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Through powerful footage and historical interviews with leaders such as Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, Huey P. Newton, and Bobby Seale, this engaging documentary mixes old found footage with modern day perspectives about a turbulent and essential decade in African-American history. 


Tuesday, March 6

Women's Air Derby (110 minutes)

The contributions women have made throughout history is apparent in all walks of life, and aviation is no exception. Today we'll travel back to the year 1929 and become spectators to the very first Women's National Air Derby. Beginning in Santa Monica, California and finishing right here in Cleveland, Ohio, 20 brave women will navigate 2,700 miles with only roadmaps on their laps, and take flight in a historical and remarkable "Powder Puff Derby"!  (110 min)


Tuesday, March 20

Tupperware (60 minutes)

Celebrate Women's History Month with a documentary honoring the Tupperware genius, Ms. Brownie Wise! A self-taught marketing wiz, Ms. Wise was the first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week. She discovered the secret, which turned a small plastic company into a cultural phenomenon. Encouraging women in the 1950s to believe in themselves and dream big, "Tupperware ladies" began hosting home parties, selling bowls and lids that would earn many thousands of dollars without leaving the house! (60 min)


Tuesday, April 3

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (90 minutes)

Join us for a monumental documentary that follows Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his rise from regional activist to world-renowned leader of the Civil Rights Movement. A voice for all people, Dr. King never chose fear, but courage and determination when fighting for civil rights in the face of oppression, ignorance, and violence. As you engage with Dr. King's words and visions, reflect on the inequalities that exist today, how far we have come and how far we have yet to go. 


Tuesday, April 17

Earth Day in the City (60 minutes)

Cities are not only the newest habitat on Earth, but they are the fastest growing habitat on our planet as well. These urban areas may seem like an unlikely place for animals to thrive but they can be a world of surprising opportunity. Faced with the challenges of surviving in a man-made world, many animals have been able to adapt, yet many others struggle to cope. As Earth Day approaches, see how some cities around the world live in harmony with wildlife neighbors. 

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