EPL_CommunityAssessment_31021 -2021

IN MARCH 2017, THE EUCLID PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES ADOPTED THE 2017-2020 STRATEGIC PLAN COMPRISED OF THREE PRIMARY GOALS TO ACHIEVE THIS VISION: Each year established action steps were assigned to make sure that the Library reached its goals. Progress was tracked regularly from 2017 until 2020. To ensure that the Library continuously met Euclid residents’ needs and the greater CLEVNET community, the Board of Trustees worked with Holy Cow! Consulting to assess its progress. Euclid Public Library used the same surveys in 2003, 2007, and 2016 and increased its response rate this year. A Community Assessment Survey was randomly sent to 1,000 residents in March 2020, and 43.8% responded to the survey. The survey results, along with the Holy Cow! Consulting Staff Assessment will be used to guide the Library’s 2020 Bridge Plan and subsequent Strategic Plans. EUCLID PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT TOOL REPORT Hol y Cow! Consul t ing EACH AND EVERY DAY, EUCLID PUBLIC LIBRARY IS COMMITTED TO OUR MISSION OF EXCELLENCE, PROFESSIONALISM AND LEARNING. SO THAT WE CAN LIVE OUR VISION OF BEING THE GEM OF THE COMMUNITY FOSTER A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT ENGAGE & SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY CULTIVATE INNOVATION & LEARNING