The first thing that comes to mind when someone says peacocks are their colorful tail feathers spread in a beautiful fan shape. The peacock’s tail is also called a train and contains up to 175 feathers. When a peacock spreads his tail feathers, he is trying to attract a female’s attention or defend himself.

Even though we call the birds peacocks, they are peafowl. Males are called peacocks, females are called peahens and babies are called peachicks. Only peacocks have long colorful trains.

Aside from the zoo, peafowl are found in Africa, and Southeast Asia. Congo peacocks, found in Africa, are dark blue and do not have long trains. Blue peacocks and green peacocks are found in Southeast Asia. Peacocks are defined by their colors but white peacocks do exist. You can tell a lot about a white peacock by the color of their eyes. Albino peacocks are rare and have red eyes. Through special breeding, blue peacocks can produce white feathers but their eyes retain their normal color.

Peacock feather pic
Peacock pic
Did You Know?

The blue peacock is the national bird of India
 A group of peacocks is called a party
The round spots on the ends of a peacock’s feathers are called eyespots. The feathers are not the same length so eyespots appear all over the train.