Completed Action Steps for Technology PROVIDE COMMUNITY WITH ACCESS TO NEW INFORMATION SOURCES IN THE FORMAT THAT BEST MEETS ITS NEEDS MEMBERS OF ALL AGES SHALL HAVE ACCESS TO COMPUTING DEVICES IN THE LIBRARY TO USE FOR THE PURPOSES OF PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL, CAREER, AND ECONOMIC ACHIEVEMENT OFFER TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE Updated Computer Reservation System for patrons Researched options for using either a library card or separate key card for updated computer reservation system Updated meeting room software to allow patrons to reserve meetings online Promoted more online services such as registration for library cards, programs and email notification of reserves Updated the Euclid Public Library website and utilize Constant Contact or an e-newsletter Updated the Euclid Public Library Intranet using SharePoint BECOME A REPOSITORY OF DIGITAL LITERATURE AND CONTENT PARTNER WITH COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS TO INTEGRATE INFORMATION ACCESS SERVICES Participated in the Ohio DPLA meetings and events to prepare for future inclusion Promoted Overdrive, Hoopla and other online resources to library patrons Assessed opportunities to update our existing digital collections Reviewed our current practices with the City of Euclid for archiving and storing City Council meetings IMPLEMENT DIGITIZATION SERVICES FOR PRESERVING AND PRESENTING THE HISTORY OF THE LIBRARY AND EUCLID COMMUNITY CONTINUE TO PROVIDE PERSONAL COMPUTERS FOR STAFF TO USE FOR ACCESSING THE INTERNET AND INTERNET BASED RESOURCES OWNED BY THE LIBRARY PROVIDE A NETWORK BASED SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM TO INCREASE THE SECURITY OF THE LIBRARY STAFF AND FACILITIES Met with the CPL Digital Public Library and develop a plan for the library to preserve its historical documents Participated in the pilot project with CPL’s Digital Public Library to digitize and preserve 10 of Euclid’s historical scrapbooks Reviewed options for Security Cameras. Options included additional cameras and providing staff training Completed point OCR project with CDPL to implement search in the Euclid Sun Journal archive Strategic Plan Final Report 2017 - 2020 Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 21, 2017