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Tuesday, September 4 

Kazakh's Eagle Hunters - Welcome to Bayan-Ölgii, a remote province of western Mongolia, home to the Kazakh people. Kazakh's are semi-nomadic and have roamed the mountains and valleys of western Mongolia with their herds since the 19th century. They hunt on horseback with trained eagles. Join us for a look at the age-old tradition of falconry and the fascinating bond between hunter and eagle. (90 min)

Tuesday, September 18 

Thailand - Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, its world-renowned cuisine, and its ancient ruins and temples. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the mystical beauty of the north, Thailand's cultural and geographic diversity has drawn travelers for decades. Friendly and fun loving, cultured and historical, Thailand is sure to leave you smiling. (45 min)

Tuesday, October 2 

Iditarod -  The Iditarod is an annual dog sled race, which takes place deep in the Alaskan wilderness. From Anchorage to Nome, mushers and their team of dogs race over 1,000 miles through rough mountains, thick forests, deep snow, and tundra. Witness the grit and determination it takes to become champion of this "last great race"! (80 min)

Tuesday, October 16 

Island's of Australia - G’day mates! Join us for the ultimate Aussie island escapes. Of course, Australia is one big island, but it is also surrounded by more than 8000 smaller islands - each of them unique and full of amazing wildlife. With so many to choose from, we could not possibly find time to visit them all! Today we will visit a few of the best. From sandy islands studded with pristine lakes to storm-tossed islands lined with colorful cliffs, we are headed to paradise islands. (80 min)

Tuesday, October 30

Eastern Canada - Join us for a 3,000 km journey across Eastern Canada. From Newfoundland & Labrador, where lighthouses stand watch over the coastal landscapes, to the quirky yet charming villages of the Canadian Maritimes.  Inland, we will say bonjour to the old-world culture in Quebec and visit vibrant cosmopolitan cities in Canada's most populous province, Ontario. (60 min)

Tuesday, November 13

American Frontier - The American West was not only home to the original Native American inhabitants, but its spectacular landscape was the link to the stories of Creation for the Native people. However, to Europeans, the West was a wilderness filled with boundless treasure and new territories to explore; land to be conquered. Join us for a documentary that reveals the triumph and tragedy of America's drive to become a continental nation. (80 min)

Tuesday, November 27

The American Dream  - Join us for a thought-provoking look as we visit countries such as Finland, Portugal, Tunisia, and Slovenia to see what methods they use for dealing with social and economic problems. What can the US "re-learn" from the successes of these other developed nations to capture and restore the American dream? (120 min)

Tuesday, December 11

Silent Night - Travel to the Austrian fairy tale village of Oberndorf bei Salzburg, the birthplace of the world-famous Christmas carol, Silent Night. First performed on Christmas Eve 200 years ago, Silent Night is now sung in more than 300 different languages around the world. Join us for a lesson in history, culture, music and Christian heritage and learn the origins of this beloved Christmas carol. (50 min)

Repeats every 2 weeks every Tuesday until Wed Dec 12 2018.
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