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Tuesday, May 1

The Northern Lights (60 minutes)

Aurora Borealis', the lights of the northern hemispher, means "dawn of the north." To experience this stunning display of color swirling through the sky is a bucket list experience for many travelers. Embark on a magical Norwegian adventure and experience one of the true wonders of the world. 


Tuesday, May 15

Britain's Royal Weddings (120 minutes)

Location: Babbitt Room

On May 19, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will exchange vows at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Royal weddings have captivated viewers around the world throughout the twentieth century. Join us for an intimate look at some of Britain's most historic and extraordinary royal weddings. 


Tuesday, May 29 

The Great Indian Railway (110 minutes)

Location: Lake Room

From the peaks of the Himalayas to the holy waters of the Ganges, climb aboard one of the most extensive railway systems in the world. India's national railway system has over 70,000 miles of track length, runs over 12,000 trains, and carries over 23 million passengers daily. Dating back to British Imperialism, this network of track winds itself over a fascinating landscape and through a rich tapestry of culturally diverse people. 


Tuesday, June 12

The Funk Brothers (110 minutes)

The Funk Brothers were the root and the foundation of Detroit's Motown era. For over a decade this unheralded group of musicians played on more number one hits that the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and the Beatles combined. As the musicians behind the Temptations, the Four Tops, the Miracles, and many others, the Funk Brothers are considered one of the most successful groups of studio musicians in music history. Despite their huge success, they never received any publicity or credit. This is their story.

Tuesday, June 26


Egypt is an immense desert with a sweltering sun beating down. For thousands of years, it was by the grace of the Nile River that people were able to thrive in this land. From Alexandria to Cairo, from the pyramids at Giza to the Valley of the Kings, voyage up the Nile River and discover why Egypt's culture is bound to the river and its creatures, especially the crocodile god, Sobek. (60 min)

Tuesday, July 10

Sawubona (greetings), from South Africa! (60 minutes)

South Africa - a land of wild animals, amazing wine, and stunning scenery. Join us for an exciting adventure in a country rich with history, art, and culture. (60 min)


Tuesday, July 24 

From Trash to Triumph (90 minutes)

Meet the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of recycled trash. A beautiful story and a testimony to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. (Some subtitles)


Tuesday, August 7 

Man Made Wonders, Peru to Brazil (60 minutes) 

Form the peaks of the Peruvian mountains deep into the rainforests of Brazil, discover the origins and mysteries behind some of the world's most famous human-made wonders. 


Tuesday, August 21 

On the Way to School (80 minutes)

Join us for a documentary during which we will meet four young students from the different parts of the world. From the savannas of Kenya to the plateaus of Patagonia, it is their quest for knowledge that drives these children to walk enormous distances and through extraordinary landscapes as they make their daily commute to school. 

Repeats every 2 weeks every Tuesday 8 times except Tue May 15 2018.
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