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Comic Book & Graphic Novel Club - March and Civil Rights in Graphic Novels

Do you love comic books and graphic novels? Looking for a place to read and explore your favorite superheroes and villains? Well, look no further because our teen comic book and graphic novel club is the place for you. Join us as we dive into the panels and splash pages of our most powerful superheroes and complex super villains, to not only explore their relationships within the narratives, but to also focus on their real world influences.

Let's Sign!

Have you ever wanted to talk with your mouth full without getting in trouble? Are you a hands-on learner who wants to learn a new language? Well, now you can! Join us as we have an awesome time discovering the basics of American Sign Language. Get your hands ready!

*This program builds each day, so attendance at each session is encouraged.

Guitar Workshop

Learn the basics of playing the guitar with this hands-on program offered by Roots of American Music (ROAM). They even bring the guitars! ROAM is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate learning in diverse communities by providing customized arts programs, workshops, residencies, and performances through the use of traditional American music.


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