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  One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four!

Five Potato, Six Potato, Seven Potato, More!

September is National Potato Month, so it’s a fitting time to talk about these very important vegetables. We love potatoes: mashed, baked, scalloped, fried. There are so many ways to enjoy this wonderful food. Plus, they are good for you!

The edible part of the potato plant grows underground. It is the part of the stem called a tuber. Each plant usually grows from 3 to 20 tubers. The tubers grow to have a round or oval shape and may be anywhere from 1” to 10”. Potatoes are grown from small potatoes or cut pieces of potatoes which have an eye (bud).

Did You Know?

Potato Facts:
*There are over 4,000 varieties of potatoes, including all blue and purple majesty!
*Potatoes are about 80% water
*The fourth largest world food crop, following rice, wheat, and corn is potatoes
*China is the world’s largest potato producing country
*The average person consumes 73 pounds of potatoes in a year
*Potatoes were grown by the Incas in 500 B.C.
*Potato skin can be yellow, white, brown, pink, red, or blue

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The Amazing Potato
Meltzer, Milton
Introduces the history, effects, and current uses of the potato in the world marketplace.
Llewellyn, Claire
Presents facts about the potato, including where and how it is grown, harvested, and marketed, and what other products are made from potatoes.
Mitchell, Melanie
A basic overview of the life cycle of a potato.

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