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A carpenter from Denmark, Europe, by the name of Ole Kirk Christiansen, was in search of a new toy for his sons. He came up with a wooden duck toy which was very popular in the 1930’s and 40’s. This was the first toy to be put in production by the Lego Company. In the beginning the Lego Company did not produce toys but due to the financial pressures of the Great Depression Christiansen was forced to diversify his company’s production. The Lego Company was forced to develop toys and household products as a result. Later, in 1949, the first plastic Lego bricks were made. In 1958 Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Ole Kirk Christiansen’s son, patented the Lego brick which had the stud-and tube-coupling system which allowed children to use Legos for building. This enabled the Lego Company to finally create a toy in which the child’s imagination controlled the possibilities of creativeness. The possibilities are seemingly endless for what both children and adults can make using Legos.

Did You Know?

  • One of Ole Kirk slogan’s was “det bedste er ikke for godt” which translated to English means “only the best is good enough.”
  • Once Ole Kirk made his son, Godtfred Kirk repaint the wooden toy ducks from The Lego Company. This was because Godtfred had decided to save the company money by using two coats of paint as opposed to three, which was the company’s standard. 
  • Ole Kirk Christiansen was a Christian. Ole Kirk said his faith gave him a sense of duty. His faith also helped him through the crisis of the death of his wife which left him to raise four sons.
  • The Lego Company burned down in its early stages. Ole Kirk Christiansen was determined to rebuild it and did.
  • The LEGO Movie hits theaters in 2014. 

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