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And the Rocket’s Red Glare

The Fourth of July is a federal holiday commonly associated with parades, barbeques, picnics, concerts and a tradition dazzling fireworks displays. Fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices that were invented thousands of years ago in ancient China and were used to scare away evil spirits. Settlers brought fireworks over to America around the 1600’s using them to celebrate special occasions and to impress or scare off Native Americans.

Today, most fireworks provide sparkling entertainment; however, certain devices are designed to scare birds away from eating a farmer’s recently planted crops and from accumulating on or near runways causing a potential hazard to aircraft.

We are fascinated with the bang, crackle, hum and whistle of these stunning exhibitions adding our collective oohs and ahhs with every sizzling burst of noise and color.

Did you know?

    •Experts at handling explosives are called pyrotechnicians

    •The Walt Disney Company is the largest consumer of fireworks in the U.S.

    •Static electricity in synthetic clothing can ignite fireworks. Those who make fireworks wear cotton all the way down to their underwear

    •Computers are used to control the launch and the synchronization of the aerial bursts with music

    •Improper use of fireworks may be dangerous both to the person operating them and the bystanders. For this reason, the use of fireworks is generally legally restricted

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