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Does Your Child Know How to Walk Up and Down Stairs Putting Only One Foot on Each Step?

Books To Read Together

On the Stairs
Larios, Julie Hofstrand
Two mice measure their growth and experiences as steps, from "first step, rain step" to "tenth step, clock step, I'm learning to tell time step" to one last light step to glow in the night.
There's A Dragon Downstairs
McKay, Hilary
Although she is afraid, Sophie is determined to confront the dragon that she thinks she hears downstairs at night.
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
McBratney, Sam
Knowing that he must satisfy their curiosity, an old mouse agrees to show three young mice the "monster" at the top of the stairs.
Crews, Nina
Jack has adventures and rescues with his action-figure, Guy.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

The Wiggles
Take a ride with the Wiggles on the Big Red Boat in this awesome ocean adventure.
Pop Go the Wiggles
Wiggles (Musical group)
It's Toddler Time
Hammett, Carol Totsky
Unique collection of activities for familiar songs, designed for the very young child.

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Tips to Try 

Take the stairs whenever possible.

Put one foot cut-out on each step, alternating between left and right on each step, so your child can practice.