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Does Your Child Know How to Pedal a Tricycle or Bicycle?

Books To Read Together

The Bike Lesson
Berenstain, Stan
Small bear gets a new bike and his father teaches him to ride.
D.W. Rides Again!
Brown, Marc Tolon
D.W. graduates from a tricycle to her first two-wheeler and under Arthur's careful guidance learns the basics of bicycle safety.
Froggy Rides A Bike
London, Jonathan
With encouragement from his friends and family, Froggy learns how to ride his shiny new bike.
My Sister's Rusty Bike
Aylesworth, Jim
A rhyming tale of a zany, zigzag trip around America.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

I Stink!
Live through a stinky night in the life of a New York City garbage truck that likes to eat alphabet soup. Follow Mr. Gilly around Trashy Town until his truck is full of glorious garbage. Big diesel engines threaten to run Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel out of business until he finds just the job to prove their worth. An old tricycle is mistaken for trash, but just before being crushed for scrap metal, it magically speeds away on an adventure through town.
Curious George Rides A Bike
The man in the yellow hat gives Curious George a brand new bicycle. What adventures are ahead for the curious chimp. An unhappy mouse uses a magic potion to turn him into something else. A nice, or maybe nasty, old woman calls upon a rat-catcher to get rid of a nastry, or maybe nice, family of rats. Then, a tall tale sets off a chain of mishaps in the jungle.
Let's Learn!
The ultimate preschool collection includes nine shows of your favorite characters. Join Franklin, Farzzle, Elliot Moose, George Shrinks, and Timothy in over two hours of fun.

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Tips to Try 

Get your child excited about riding by planning a special bike trip at a local park or on a scenic bike path. Pack a picnic and your bicycle helmets and you're ready to go!

Make pedal practice fun by setting up a simple obstacle course for your child to drive around. Use small trash cans, lawn chairs and other items found at your house as the obstacles to drive around.

Count the number of "pedals" it takes to get somewhere. Count every time one foot goes down and see how many pedals it takes to get to the mailbox or the end of the driveway.