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Does Your Child Know How to March?

Books To Read Together

The Aunts Go Marching
Manning, Maurie
Dressed in raincoats and carrying umbrellas, a platoon of aunts march through the rainy city streets led by a little girl with a drum in this cumulative rhyme.
Little Pig Joins the Band
Costello, David
When Little Pig tries to join his Grandpa, brothers, and sisters in a marching band he discovers that, although he is too small for any of the available instruments, he can still play an important role.
Our Marching Band
Moss, Lloyd
When all the girls and boys in the neighborhood take up musical instruments, at first they produce awful tones, but after much practice they are able to come together as a marching band that brings brassy, classy fun.
Left, Right, Emma!
Murphy, Stuart J.
After learning the concept of left and right, Emma leads the class marching band on Grandparents Day.
Froggy Plays in the Band
London, Jonathan
Froggy's marching band practices for their debut at the Apple Blossom Parade, hoping to win the big prize.
Crews, Donald

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Things That Go!
"Things that go! is the second program in the award winning Monkey Doo Series. Designed for kids ages 2 and up, this program will get kids moving. Flip, Tumble, Twist, and host Maureen will help viewers explore the movements and sounds of airplanes, scooters, jets, bicycles, boats, and more.
The Monkeydoos
Three playful, colorful, 3-D animated monkeys named Flip, Tumble and Twist invite viewers to mimic their actions. Combining original music and simple movement, Monkeydoos taps into a child's energy and mind; awakens a child's imagination; stimulates a child's desire to move and play; develops positive attitudes towards learning. Will help in a child's cognitive, physical and social development.
Patriotic and Morning Time Songs
Palmer, Hap
Patriotic, folk, and original songs which provide opportunity for individual response and group singing.

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Tips to Try 

March around the house, march to the car, march the dishes to the sink. 

Watch for the marching band in local parades and at ball games. Practice marching as you watch.