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Does Your Child Know How to Hold a Pencil or Crayon Correctly?

Does your child use the proper grip?

Books To Read Together

The Pencil
Ahlberg, Allan
A lonely pencil timidly draws a boy, a dog, and other items but soon faces a problem as his creations begin demanding changes, and when he draws an eraser to make them happy, the real trouble begins.
The Pencil
Randell, Beverley
Hallie's Horrible Handwriting
Tripp, Valerie
Hallie likes everything about school except handwriting, but her new teacher and a project with butterflies helps her like that too. Includes tips for parents to help their children with learning.
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Johnson, Crockett
Harold goes for an adventurous walk in the moonlight with his purple crayon.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Strokes, Shapes & Scenes
"Strokes: These chapters help younger children develop pre-writing skills. Visual demonstrations and our catchy songs encourage motor planning and good foundations for handwriting. Shapes: This section teaches drawing basic shapes and encourages children's creativity to convert them into pictures.
Steps4Kids to Write Their ABCs
A program designed to help children learn to write all upper and lowercase manuscript letters A-Z on lined paper. It teaches ways to remember the proper pencil grip, introduces children to letter sounds and over 100 sight words to develop early reading skills, and provides tips on how to avoid reversals of letters p, q, b, d, s, and z.
Modern Manuscript
The third award winning instructional handwriting DVD brought to you. Will help your emerging writer learn how to write the slanted printing style using visual modeling and easy-to-follow verbal instructions. Students watch how the letters are shown first, then follow along to copy the writing demonstration. Submenus allow teachers, parents, occupational therapists and students to access each letter directly to practice specific letters.

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Tips to Try 

Give your child planty of opportunities to use pencils and crayons making sure to demonstrate the proper pencil grip (see link above).  Let him/her know when and where it is safe to write and draw.