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Does Your Child Know How to Share and Wait Their Turn When They Play with Other Kids?

Do they know what to do when someone makes them mad?

Books To Read Together

Ryan Respects
Kroll, Virginia L.
Ryan thinks it is funny to call the slowest runner in his class "Doug the Slug," until his older brother teases him for having a teddy bear.
Luthardt, Kevin
Two brothers fight over their new toy dinosaur until it breaks and they learn to share.
Who Shares?
Lipniacka, Ewa
Two rabbits, a brother and sister, have trouble sharing what they should, and not sharing what they should not.
Just Not the Same
Lacoe, Addie
On their birthday triplets Cleo, Mirabelle, and Gertrude discover the virtues of compromise and sharing.
Little Bear and the Big Fight
Langreuter, Jutta
When his best friend Brandon will not share the clay at school one day, Little Bear gets so mad that he bites him, and even though he is sorry, Little Bear wonders if he and Brandon will ever be friends again.
I Was So Mad
Mayer, Mercer
A child tries a variety of ways to dissolve anger.
Bears on Chairs
Parenteau, Shirley
Four chairs. Four adorable bears. All is well until Big Brown Bear shows up -- what a stare -- and wants a seat. Can these clever bears put their heads together (among other things) and make space for one more?

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Mickey's Reading & Math Fun
Join Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the gang as you go on a reading and math adventures. Learn about counting; how to share fairly; work on problem-solving; reading and comprehension skills; and how to work in a chronological order.
Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Jill and Joey are excited about kindergarten! This video teaches kids essential skills through fun songs, animated characters and real children.
Join Stanley, the curious little boy with a big imagination, as he searches the animal world for clues about life and himself. Stanley imitates a kangaroo to clean up the mess he made in his parents' room. Next, Stanley takes inspiration from the anteater after spilling his breakfast. Then, Stanley and his friends learn from ants that it is best to "work together to get things done." Finally, Stanley keeps putting off his newspaper-recycling project until he has only one day to complete it.

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Tips to Try 

Play simple board and card games together; encourage good sportsmanship.