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Does Your Child Know How to Communicate with Other People?

Can your child speak clearly and have a conversation with someone else?

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Tips to Try 

Let your child order his/her own food at a restaurant 

Let your child have a few minutes to talk on the phone to relatives. 

Emphasize complete sentences (example when in the library: "May I please use the computers?") 

Gently correct pronoun (I, you, he, him, her, etc.) vocabulary and pronunciation errors. When you answer, correct the error in your response (ex: Child: Him hit me! Adult: Can you tell me why he hit you?) 

Always try to use complete sentences when talking to your child.  

Now that your child is older you can use longer sentences when speaking to your child.  Instead of saying, “I’ll get it,” say “Let me help you get that box on the high shelf.” 

Check the speech and language acquisition page under parent resources.