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Does Your Child Have Good Manners?

Does your child know when to say please, thank you and excuse me? Do they know how to ask for things nicely?

Books To Read Together

Monster Manners
Roberts, Bethany
An assortment of monsters demonstrates good and bad manners.
I'm Sorry
McBratney, Sam
When one best friend shouts at the other, both are sad and hope the other will apologize.
Oops! Excuse Me Please!
McGrath, Bob
A collection of twenty-eight vignettes illustrating good manners, covering such topics as proper etiquette, following the Golden Rule, and memorizing correct phrases.
The Well-mannered Monster
Brown, Marcy
A young girl and her monster friend demonstrate good behavior and manners.
Time to Say
Willems, Mo
Groups of mice narrate this book on manners for children.
Please Is A Good Word to Say
Joosse, Barbara M.
Harriet gives examples of polite words and expressions to use in various social situations to make them more pleasant.
Landa, Norbert
Rabbit and Bear enjoy the wonderful feeling of being best friends, until they find a strange object in the woods and argue over whose picture appears within.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Politekids 101
Helps children understand why it is important to develop good manners. Teaches kids the basics in manners and etiquette including greetings, table manners, and telephone etiquette.
Look Mom  I Have Good Manners
Kids will laugh and learn as they play along with host Willy Dooright in this hilarious game show! Shows viewers that manners are more than just a bunch of stuffy, boring rules.
Berenstain Bears
Please and thank you cam make your day. They're as nice to hear as they are to say! Join the Berenstain Bears in a new set of adventures that focus on good manners and kindness to others.
When a surprise package arrives from Miss Vera Goode containing her new book on manners. Barney's friends question why minding their manners is so important. Barney helps his pals brush up on the rules of etiquette by bring Mother Goose rhymes to life.
Join Stanley, the curious little boy with a big imagination, as he searches the animal world for clues about life and himself. Stanley imitates a kangaroo to clean up the mess he made in his parents' room. Next, Stanley takes inspiration from the anteater after spilling his breakfast. Then, Stanley and his friends learn from ants that it is best to "work together to get things done." Finally, Stanley keeps putting off his newspaper-recycling project until he has only one day to complete it.
Maurice Sendak Library
The nutshell kids: A group of alligators sing their way through the alphabet, Johnny playfully counts from 1 to 10 and then back again, Pierre flaunts an "I don't care" attitude until an encounter with a lion, and learning the months of the year is fun while eating chicken soup with rice. Where the wild things are: Max sails away to the land of the wild things. In the night kitchen: A little boy dreams of a kitchen at night where bakers bake cakes and bread-dough airplanes fly.

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Tips to Try 

When you go out to dinner (even to a fast food or casual restaurant), talk about manners/expectations before you leave and have your kids help you come up with list of good or bad manners.
Practice manners with role play while having pretend meals together (play food, pretend to be a waiter, etc.)