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Does Your Child Know Their Address?

Including the state and zip code?

Books To Read Together

Harry's Home
Anholt, Catherine
Harry enjoys visiting his grandfather's farm and seeing the homes of all the animals, but in the end he is happy to return to his own home in the city.
Bear at Home
Blackstone, Stella
Describes a visit to Bear's house which includes a tour of all the rooms.
Let's Go Home
Rylant, Cynthia
Describes the individual rooms in a house and what they mean to those who use them.
Little Bunny on the Move
McCarty, Peter
A little bunny rabbit hurries past five fat sheep, over train tracks, and across an open field on his way to a special destination.
I Won't Get Lost
Lambert, Martha Lewis
Convinced that he will never get lost, a young dragon doodles instead of learning his address and telephone number in school.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Lots to Learn
Volume 2: "In My House" offers your child an interactive journey through the rooms and objects found at home, all the while educating them on the alphabet, shapes, colors, sounds, matching games, exercise and much more. As always, Lots To Learn videos contain fun, toe-tapping original music

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