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Does Your Child Know How to Dress Himself/Herself?

Does your child know how to zip zippers, button up their buttons and tie shoes?

Books To Read Together

Red Lace, Yellow Lace
Casey, Mike
Rhyming text teaches young children how to tie a shoe.
Shoes from Grandpa
Fox, Mem
In a cumulative rhyme, family members describe the clothes they intend to give Jessie to go with her shoes from Grandpa.
Froggy Gets Dressed
London, Jonathan
Rambunctious Froggy hops out into the snow for a winter frolic but is called back by his mother to put on some necessary articles of clothing.
Hutchins, H. J.
Explores what keeps clothing and other things together in everyday life.
Huggly Gets Dressed
Arnold, Tedd
A monster from under the bed tries to wear people clothes.
Mud Puddle
Munsch, Robert N.
Whenever Jule Ann goes outside, a mud puddle finds her and her mother makes her take a bath. Then one day Jule Ann thinks of an ingenious solution.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Jill and Joey are excited about kindergarten! This video teaches kids essential skills through fun songs, animated characters and real children.
Music Time
Downing, Johnette R.

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Tips to Try 

Find shoes from your family members and practice tying them.

Button all of the buttons on the coats in the closet.