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Does Your Child Know How and When to Use 9-1-1?

Books To Read Together

Impatient Pamela Calls 9-1-1
Koski, Mary
Young Pamela learns to use the telephone and to recognize an emergency, so when her friend is choking, she is able to dial 9-1-1 to summon emergency medical assistance.
Mayo, Margaret
Rescue vehicles race to help during a variety of emergencies.
To the Rescue!
Mayer, Mercer
"Uh-oh, Dad needs help! When Dad is locked in the basement, Little Critter knows what to do. He picks up the phone to dial three numbers. The firemen arrive in just a few minutes to rescue Dad... but they don't stay long to share in the excitement. They have another job to do. Join Little Critter as he shares his 9-1-1 smarts!"

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Firefighter George and the Florida State University Flying High Circus Teach Nutrition
The first video teaches children the importance of eating a wide variety of different colored foods and effective snacking habits. The second video prepares children to handle emergencies and dial 911.
Big Red
A real life children's adventure into the exciting world of everyday heroes: the brave people and mighty equipment that fight fires.
A Day in the Life of A Firefighter!
Explores the training and job duties of firefighters.
Stop Drop and Roll
Jessica, who worries about everything from her spelling homework to remembering to fill her dog's water dish, learns that fire safety begins with extinguishing her fears.
Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips
Features giant hook and ladders, super soakers, and more, set to music by award winner James Coffey.

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Tips to Try 

Have emergency drills in your home for fires and personal emergencies (illness, etc.)