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Does Your Child Know the Difference Between Letters and Numbers?

Books To Read Together

First Steps
Burningham, John
An illustrated introduction to the letters of the alphabet, the numbers one to ten, basic colors, and opposites.
Food for Thought
Freymann, Saxton
Uses bright photographs of fruit and vegetables shaped like animals and simple labels to teach toddlers shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and opposites.
26 Letters and 99 Cents
Hoban, Tana
Color photographs of letters, numbers, coins, and common objects introduce the alphabet, coinage, and the counting system.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Math Circus
Step right up to the Math Circus. Watch the Quidget Family and the Subtractobats perform high-flying feats of mathematics. In this astounding story, Leap, Lily, Tad, and wacky Professor Quigley train numbers to count, add, and subtract in a series of amazing circus acts. Numbers and Quidgets fly from trampolines, trapezes, and cannons as they teach early mathematical concepts.
Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Jill and Joey are excited about kindergarten! This video teaches kids essential skills through fun songs, animated characters and real children.
Meet the Numbers
Designed to teach number characters to babies and toddlers while they are learning to talk.
Meet the Letters
Designed to teach babies and toddlers the alphabet during an opportune window of time when they are learning to talk.
Understanding Numbers
From written numerals to equal parts to cardinal and oridinal numbers, introduce young students to the basic procedures of numbers.
Preschool Prep
In Volume One, learning the alphabet has never been more fun with interactive songs, zoo animals, and an emphasis on recognizing upper and lower case letters. In Volume Two, children get whisked away on a train ride with a friendly conductor guiding them on a counting adventure from 1 to 10!

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Tips to Try 

Use magnetic alphabet letters and numbers on a metal cookie sheet – sort them – numbers on top, letters on the bottom for example.