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Does Your Child Know Patterns?

Do they know how to make a pattern and know what comes next?

Books To Read Together

Bryant-Mole, Karen
Using objects like socks, toothbrushes, and fruit, Mortimer the teddy bear helps the reader learn to recognize and form simple patterns.
A Pair of Socks
Murphy, Stuart J.
Introduces pattern recognition as a sock searches the house for its lost mate.
Food Patterns
Olson, Nathan
"Simple text and color photographs introduce different kinds of food patterns"--Provided by publisher.
Pistoia, Sara
Introduces readers to patterns, including those that can be found in nature, such as animal fur, and those used when counting by ones and fives.
Animal Patterns
Reed, Janet
An introduction to the concept of patterns, using examples from the coats and feathers of animals as well as the designs some make.

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Jill and Joey are excited about kindergarten! This video teaches kids essential skills through fun songs, animated characters and real children.
Number Sense
In this video, kids learn to distinguish between odd and even numbers. They also discover the concepts of "greater than" and "less than." The video includes counting tips and how to estimate.

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Tips to Try 

Use mixed foods (Chex Mix, M&Ms) to create patterns. Green M&M, Red M&M, Green M&M, Red M&M and so forth.