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Does Your Child Know Numbers 1-20?

 Can your child count out loud to 20, recognize numbers 0-20, and count items up to 20.

Books To Read Together

First Steps
Burningham, John
An illustrated introduction to the letters of the alphabet, the numbers one to ten, basic colors, and opposites.
Click, Clack, Splish, Splash
Cronin, Doreen
While Farmer Brown sleeps, some of the animals who live on the farm go on a fishing expedition.
Food for Thought
Freymann, Saxton
Uses bright photographs of fruit and vegetables shaped like animals and simple labels to teach toddlers shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and opposites.
On the Stairs
Larios, Julie Hofstrand
Two mice measure their growth and experiences as steps, from "first step, rain step" to "tenth step, clock step, I'm learning to tell time step" to one last light step to glow in the night.
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri
Uses "M&M's" Chocolate Candies to introduce counting, addition, subtraction, sets, colors, and shapes.


Basher, Simon

Watch and listen on DVDs and CDs

Rock 'n Learn
Join Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle and Rockford Rectangle for an animated learning adventure. Cool songs and colorful action teach 3-5-year-olds about colors, shapes and counting.
Math Circus
Step right up to the Math Circus. Watch the Quidget Family and the Subtractobats perform high-flying feats of mathematics. In this astounding story, Leap, Lily, Tad, and wacky Professor Quigley train numbers to count, add, and subtract in a series of amazing circus acts. Numbers and Quidgets fly from trampolines, trapezes, and cannons as they teach early mathematical concepts.
Meet the Numbers
Designed to teach number characters to babies and toddlers while they are learning to talk.
Learning My 123's
Kids can learn numbers 1 through 20 through familiar objects and sounds, with soothing music, sounds, and narration, or the narration can be taken out through a special option, leaving the child's parent, teacher, or caregiver to be the stories' narrator.
Preschool Fun
Children go on a musical journey from A to Z and from one to ten. They will learn letter recognition, words that begin with the particular letter, and the sound that the letter makes. Children will also learn numbers and counting from one to ten, while at the same time learning the names of animals, machines, and other objects along with their associated sounds and colors.
Let your child count out silverware, plates and cups for setting the table.