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Author Visit - Michael Garriga

    When:  3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
 In a recent review on a writer stated, "Gritty, gory, lyrical, and profoundly beautiful, this collection proves without question that Michael Garriga is a force to be reckoned with. Southern writers beware: this man means business."

In addition, the review includes, "From Cain and Abel to Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickenson; from John Henry and the steam drill to an alcoholic fighting the bottle: the cumulative effect of these powerful pieces is a probing and disconcerting look at humankind’s long-held notions of pride, honor, vengeance, and satisfaction. Meticulously crafted by Garriga, and with stunning illustrations by Tynan Kerr, The Book of Duels is a fierce, searing debut.

We're pleased to host Mr. Garriga to share his first book, The Book of Duels.  Michael Garriga is a creative writing teacher from Baldwin Wallace University. In his book he looks at some of the famous, historical duels from history. 

Garriga has worked as a sound man, shrimp picker and bartender. He always has an interesting story to tell! Please join us!

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